A. Yep, no problemo. Just bring your own equipment / instruments and rock out!
A. Yes, you can hire Rob's Garage Yamaha EMX212s 200W PA System with Shure SM58 and/or SM57 and/or ISK microphones. So bring your own equipment, instruments and hire Rob's Garage P.A. and start rocking it.
A. Yes you can hire a drum kit, up to 2 guitar amps and a bass amp and keyboard if you wish to. Refer to Music Equipment Hire in the Studio Rates / Rehearsal Prices webpage. An equipment webpage listing brands and specs about equipment, mics etc., will be up shortly.
A. Yes. You can hire a Sonor 505 Fusion drum kit with Paiste and Zildjian cymbals. Refer to Music Equipment Hire in the Studio Rates / Recording Prices webpage.
A.Not anymore. Dax Linere of Puzzle Factory use to do our large band recordings but he relocated to London 2017. I recommend contacting Hi-Hat studio in Weetangra Canberra as Mark is setup up nicely for big band recordings. Due to the size limitations of the Rob's Garage Studio, the most people with instruments etc., is limited to 5 - 8, possibly 11 - 13 people at once, depending on instruments that each individual brings.
A. Not anymore. Dax Linere of Puzzle Factory use to do our mobile recordings but he relocated to London 2017. If you are in London by all means contact Dax. He will give you a personalized estimate for your project, so consultation with this amazing sound engineer is a required and a booking fee paid in advance for your recording project.
A. Definitely NOT. The studio has just been renovated, looking sharp, mean and clean. No smoking is allowed in the actual rehearsal / engineers room, however smoking is allowed outside with ashtray and seats provided.
A. Rob's Garage does not supply or provide refreshments or utilities such as drinks or snack machines respectively. You will have to provide your own refreshments ( or BBQ food ) and are welcomed to utilise the kitchen facilities and utensils if need be. Local shops and Mcdonalds nearby.
A. Yes. Rob's Garage has a KAWAI ES100 Digital Piano with Advanced Hammer Action IV-F Keyboard with 88-Key piano sampling which can simulate up to 19 different sound samples from Concert Grand to Church Organ etc., and also has Dual Mode layering which would give you up to 38 different sound samples (also has a Split Mode function which divides the keyboard into two sections, allowing each section to be played with a different sound).
A. No, not currently, but we have a KAWAI ES100 Digital Piano to practice on. Please refer to the above question "Is there a keyboard or organ I can hire for rehearsal?" for more details.
A. You can park right up to the entrance within a metre of entry, and walk a further 5 metres to access the studio. There are no stairs to lug equipment up to the studio, just roll in and then you are jamming!
A. No. Rob's Garage Rehearsal Studio has currently only one room, therefore you will get no interference or noise spill from other bands!
A. No. Rob's Garage Rehearsal Studio has currently only one room, therefore you will get no noise or interference from other bands, allowing you to concentrate on your music and songwriting in privacy with no disruptions!
A. Yes there is FREE parking in the driveway and on the front lawn only for clients utilizing the studio. If parking in the street, you have to be careful not to get a parking ticket as there is time allowance parking signs which are in force between Monday and Friday during normal business hours. Weekends are generally cool anytime to park in the street if you wish to.
A. No. There is no under cover security parking like apartments or hotels, but there is 24 hour video security surveillance. If you are staying overnight for example doing a 2 day recording, you can park your cars in the backyard, driveway or on front lawn which is monitored by the 24 hour video security surveillance system with night vision.
A. Currently getting a new waterproof shadesail 4m x 6m long (old one just ripped) in the driveway in which you can park under to protect your equipment from rainfall when you lug in or out of the studio.
A. Yes. The Fuse Box with Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker runs 3 phase power with 20 Amp Fuse lines and one 16 Amp Fuse line. The studio power points where mainly guitar amps and PA connect to are isolated or on a different electrical line to the power points which are in the kitchenette, lounge area and mixdown / mastering area. The airconditioner in the studio runs on the 16 amp line as it draws 15 amps to initiate itself and generally no guitar amps or other electrical equipment share the aircon power point. Noise in the aircon circuit could eventuate through guitar amps if the aircon cycles on or off. If you require the 16 amp line / power point to run equipment, it is generally advisable to have the aircon turned off.
A. Yes. Generally you should bring your own surge protection power boards if need be. If you haven't got one you can borrow one from Rob, however if your equipment is faulty and blows the surge protection unit/s, you will have to compensate Rob's Garage for new surge protection unit/s. Basically Rob's Garage Rehearsal Recording Studio does not have power surge issues and if the Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker trips out, it is generally due to clients faulty equipment triggering the circuit breaker. As we all know surges can eventuate due to lightning storms... so if you are rehearsing during a storm and are worried about a surge, don't hesitate to ask Rob for a surge protection unit or utilize your own.
A. Yes. Rob's Garage can provide soldering gun and solder and other tools like pliers, wire cutters, small screwdrivers etc., for your maintenance needs.
A. Yes. If you forget to bring certain items like leads, straps, drum stool, cymbal stand, keyboard stool, mic/music/guitar stands and possible other items that you require to jam with, Rob's Garage can provide you these items to utilize whilst you rehearse or record. Things like drum sticks or guitar strings are not borrowed or hired out and can be purchased from the studio shopfront.
A. Yes, just hopefully the guitar string brand and gauge sizes that you require are in stock. Rob's Garage stock consists of earplugs, plectrums, drum sticks, guitar strings and fuses. Please call the studio between 4pm - 10pm if you require certain items after hours.
Generally no. Basically most bands rehearse at night Mon - Fri 6pm - 10pm and weekends. I do get day time bands coming in but its ususally quiet through the week days. A band may only have 1 or 2 - 4 hours rehearsal. There is really not much you could do when they arrive and set up. Basically it would only be opening doors for them, turning lights on and turning on the PA. Whilst they are jamming you would be basically just sitting around until they finish. However, we do get bands booking all day for recordings which involves a lot more set up etc., which would be more interesting. Depending on if I have all day recording bookings co-inciding with your school work experience curriculum, you would be most welcome to have allocated work experience time. I would recommend actually trying a music shop like Better Music in Phillip as they take on work experience students all the time.