Rob's Garage Rehearsal Studio Bookings

Before Making an Online Booking

Please check the Studio Availability Online Calendar webpage before making an Online Booking.
There is only One Studio currently and Not multiple studios.
Clicking on any of the other bands bookings in the Studio Availability Calendar will pop up a small window displaying the time frames of other bands bookings.
Please check the time frames of other bands bookings and book before or after their time frames please. Thank You for your patience and Have a Great Day!!

Rehearsal Studio Booking Form

Rehearsal Bookings

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Form Guide

If having problems filling out the form and submitting please follow the Form Guidelines below which explain what is required when filling out Rob's Garage Online Studio Booking Form.

JavaScript Enabled or Disabled?

Basically if JavaScript is Disabled the form won't work. This website which is a Bootstrap Framework relies on JavaScript or JQuery which makes the page operational. Booking Date inputs for example (1st Booking Date) rely on JavaScript to pop up, therefore if JS is disabled a Date selection is not possible to select, therefore form submission wont be operational.

If your browser JavaScript is Disabled then Client Side Valdation cannot proceed. What that means is that JavaScript Tooltips or Hints cannot be displayed on form text inputs in your browser. The Tooltips display or show on the form inputs for example, minimum and maximum characters, whether spaces, numbers or special characters which are allowed or not.

Projected Costs rely on JavaScript being Enabled to provide On the Fly or Real Time cost calculations based on the Hours and Equipment Hire Items which you may choose.

It is recommended to have your JavaScript Enabled in your browser otherwise this Form won't be operational and you will have to book the studio if you wish to by phone or via email through the Contact page.

Icons Display

The Red Box & White Cross denotes definitely a Required Input needed or it's a no goer.

The Green Box & White Tick denotes you met the requirements needed for the text input fields of the form.

The Light Blue Box & White Asterisk denotes that you can choose Optional Extra Dates or Text Input for questions or any enquiries that you may have. Please #NOTE - Optional Inputs are not a Required field and won't display a color change or green tick if text is entered.

Equipment Hire - Radio Button Inputs are Optional to choose and are set by default to NO. If you wish to hire equipment (i.e. drums or amps) select Yes. No colour change or green boxes with white ticks will be displayed if selecting either Yes or No.

Text Input Fields

Username -Minimum 8 up to Maximum 17 Characters. Alphabetical-(Letters) and/or Numbers only. No Spaces. No Special Characters. Used for Database and Login purposes.

Password - Minimum 8 up to Maximum 12 Characters. Letters and/or Numbers only. No Spaces. No Special Characters. Used for Database and Login purposes.

Email - Up to Maximum 31 Characters. Letters - Numbers - Hyphen - Dot allowed. No Spaces. No Special Characters besides the @ sign.

Phone Number - Min 10 - Max 10 Numbers only. No Spaces. Mobile or Landline with Area Code.

First Name - Min 1 up to Max 15 Characters. Letters - Spaces allowed.

Band Name - Min 1 up to Max 24 Characters. Letters - Numbers - Spaces allowed.

1st Booking Date - No typing required. Just select date from pop up calendar.

For how many Hours? - No typing required. Just select Hours from select box.

Starting at what Time? - No typing required. Just select Starting time from select box.

Equipment Hire - No typing required. Just select Yes if you wish to hire drums and/or amps for example, otherwise leave default option NO selected.

Optional Booking Dates - No typing required. Just select date from pop up calendar if you wish to book extra Dates.

Optional Text Input - Type Questions or any Enquiries here if you wish to. If choosing Optional Extra Dates as well, place starting time and wanted hours here. Please Note# Only Alphabetical-(Letters and/or Numbers ) only to be typed in. No Special Characters like question marks, exclamation marks or dollar signs. This is to prevent SQL Injection attacks.

Projected Costs - No typing required - Read Only. On the Fly or Real Time calculations based on the Hours and Equipment Hire Items which you may choose. Projected Costs are calculated Only on the 1st Booking Date, Hours and Equipment hire and Does NOT include Optional Extra Date costs.

Prove you are not a Robot

Security Image reCaptcha to deter Spam and other Web Bots.

If its your first time filling out the form, the reCaptcha will want you to type the same letters or choose the correct images from the Security Image box and then select Verify.

Second time around it will only want you to tick the selection box, however it still may want you to type text or select images if it needs to doulecheck you.