About Rob's Garage Rehearsal Recording Studio

Recording service available but Rehearsal Studio now temporarily CLOSED.

Built by musicians and sound engineers for sound engineers and musicians.

Rob's Garage was a Rehearsal Recording Studio located in O'Connor Canberra and was shut down due to Canberra's Urban Renewal Program, basically a land grab gentrification process where the Government and Housing ACT aquired Rob's premise and the three next door to acquire funds for the Capital Work Expenditure program, which in turn apparently is being used to build more housing infrastructure so that Housing ACT can provide housing to people on the waiting list for accommodation, providing high income earners closer accommodation to the central network, alongside the Urban Renewal program and the new Tram network. Social polarisatrion is another matter.

However, this gentrification process forced Rob to move from his family home of 51 years and close down his home based sole trader business of 20 years (since 1998) in which provided musicians Australia wide to rehearse / practice their arts and to record their projects. Not only affecting Rob's income and identity, the gentrification process has affected hundred's of musicians as well, closing down a clean safe working environment where musicians could perfect their art/s. The entire process has also economicaly affected Canberra as well.

The four properties sold at auction for $3,900,000 around May 2018.

So in summary, the studio was demolished by Rob and mates, so as to avoid Housing ACT contractors fee's of over $20,000 to un-improve the improved land before the developers rolled in. Therefore there is No studio to practice or record in.

All thanks go to Chief Minister Andrew Barr (ironically the Chief Minister for Business as well), Housing Minister Yvette Berry and Planning Minister Mick Gentleman for destroying a lively productive small business and a back bone for Canberra's music industry that catered for local musicians, besides interstate visiting musicians where they were provided a backline at Rob's Garage studio to rehearse before they went to a gigs like the National Folk Festival, Multicultural Festival, Australia Day celebrations and reciprocal gigs with other bands for example.

After a lengthy Tribunal process through ACAT where Housing ACT were basically trying to make Rob and family homeless, Rob was fortunate enough to aquire a new Housing ACT premise in which Rob is totally Thankful and Grateful for, however the new aquired property only had a single garage and very small court yard in which unfortunately did not have the space to set up a new studio in.

Rob was trying to set up new studios at Mitchell but unfortunately did not have the required funds to set up the studios (i.e., 3 months rent in advance $8,000, legal fees $1,200 to $2,000, building infrastructure, fess and approval and builders contract costs $35,000 to $70,000). What about Grants you ask? Yeh tried that as well but most grants are for non-profit organisations and The Arts Funding grants don't cover infrastructure grants.

Old info of what studio was from 1998 to Nov 2018.

Rob's Garage is a Rehearsal Recording Studio located in the leafy suburb of O'Connor, Canberra Australia.

The studio comprises a 5.0m by 7.2m airconditioned rehearsal-recording room, with an adjacent sound engineer's / mix / master room, led lighting, ISO booth, storeroom, toilet, kitchenette facilities, outdoor BBQ area, basketball, badminton and small above ground pool (summer only).

Offers musicians, artists, soloist's to large bands a rehearsal studio / practice room where you can just hire the room only and B.Y.O. equipment or hire equipment like P.A., drum kit, amps and keyboard for practice purposes. Minimum Hours for hire - 1 hour for $40.00 and then add additional $10.00 per hour after that (up to 12 hours - total $150 for the day).

The Recording Studio has 32 channel Nuetrik inputs with 6 headphone inputs, USB, 1 speaker cab inputs and 1 Video connection to Mix Area. The ISO Booth has 4 Nuetrik inputs, 2 headphone, 2 speaker cab inputs and 1 Video connection to Mix Area.

You can B.Y.O. Sound Engineer and equipment or you can hire Rob's Garage Sound Engineers (which includes recording equipment / studio hire). Depending on the Complexity of what the Project involves determines the Sound Engineer's hourly rate. Sound Engineer's rate can vary from $40.00 up to $80.00 per hour besides studio hire rate. Please contact the studio for a personalized estimate for your project. Recording projects from Voice-Over's to heavy metal band recordings catered for.

Currently only one room with no interference from other bands and also has FREE parking.

24 Hour Back to Base Alarms and Video Surveillance (Smartphones Android Surveillance, Local and Remote Access Web Surveillance) providing clients peace of mind and security of their equipment if left over night in the studio.

Rob's Garage Rehearsal Recording Studio was established 11th May 1998.

Fully insured and registered as a business name under the Business Names Act at The A.C.T. Government Registrar - General's Office, Business no: F00089043, ABN 21 981 214 782.