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Rob's Garage Commitment to Accessibility

We take our responsibility for making accessible web content seriously. Rob's Garage is committed to providing software products and services that promote accessibility for people with disabilities and meet current accessibility standards, including those defined by Section 508 website of the U.S. Rehabilitation Act and the W3C's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. We are actively engaged in the ongoing process of testing our website for compliance with current accessibility standards. As the Web has become widespread, people with disabilities face being locked out of many opportunities for communication, commerce, and community if websites are not accessible to them. Rob's Garage believes accessibility is the right of all individuals, and we are committed to ensuring our website meets Priority 1 - 2 - 3 of the W3C's WCAG guidelines. However, due to the limitations of access keys in web programming, not all links, especially external links that are provided as a convenience or courtesy, are assigned access keys, and are provided with tab index keys and titles only.
Rob's Garage website has been designed to comply with the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 3 (8).
By adopting these guidelines as our primary standard for web accessibility, we hope to provide equal access to all people visiting our website.

If you discover any information that is in a format that you cannot access, or if you experience any other accessibility difficulties, please contact us by [ Email (E) ]
or by calling the Rob's Garage Hotline on 61-02 6248 5263.

Your feedback on how we could further improve the accessibility of this site is also welcome.

Product Accessibility
Some of Rob's Garage products (i.e., posters, CDs, T-Shirts etc.,) depend on third party technologies provided by operating system, hardware platforms and assistive technologies, all of which can affect the level of accessibility of our products.
We currently use the following accessibility aids and guidelines to program and test our webpages for compliance with Section 508 and the Australian Privacy Act 1998. Guidelines


HTML4.01 Validation


Accessibility HTML Editor

HTML CODING and FORMS Guidelines

WHY You Should Validate

CSS Validators Home Pages.


We are committed to addressing issues that prevent the use of accessing by people with disabilities in a timely manner.