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So, what are accesskeys? They are a means for people to jump immediately to a specific part of an HTML page or another webpage by pressing ALT (PC) or CTRL (MAC), followed by the appropriate key on the keyboard, as defined by the following access key list.
For example if you wish to go to the Home page link press ALT + H (for MAC users CTRL + H) or if you wish to go to the email link press ALT + E (for MAC users CTRL + E).
They're particularly useful for people with mobility issues who don't use a mouse or have a keyboard for their every movement on a computer. Accesskeys allows visitors to this site such as yourself or the vision-impaired or hearing-impaired who utilise Braille Browser's or Screen Readers to enable them to quickly and easily hop around the content of Web pages.
Please note that accesskeys on this website are only applicable to Rob' Garage webpages due to the limitations of access keys abundance in web programming. External links that are provided as a convenience or courtesy are not assigned access keys and are provided with tab index keys and titles only.
Webpage Access Keys are displayed in brackets ( ) on the right of Rob' Garage main links.
For more detailed information on Access Keys please click the following link Access Keys.

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